Vesting of GTON tokens

It seems that claiming vesting is getting overdue. Tokens are getting accumulated on portfolios, creating a potential crash on price of GTON as soon as it is available, since liquidity is still low, and the general market is on a kind of bearish mode. People will say that thinking on long term this wont matter, but no one cant argue that in crypto space a bad marketing can mean that a project remains underground forever, no matter the fundamentals.
I propose two alternatives

  1. Generating random scheduled claims per wallet, so not all wallets at once can claim their tokens.
  2. Giving token holders through graviton one (unclaimed tokens) the option of directly staking those tokens, before the claim button becomes available. I would personally love this second option as an EB, as i would like to back the project long-term

Thanks for this idea, both points seem reasonable to me. In your view, what should be the total duration of the “randomized scheduled claims” period before claiming becomes totally unrestricted?

interesting ideas

we’ll announce that EBs are default stakers as well

so no reason to claim and restake
it will be automatially


At least 6 months, or the time needed for a minimun graviton network product to be working on the network

Thats great to hear!

I prefer the 2nd option.

I hope to lock in a longer time