Using gton relay token for swaps?

Graviton token will be used as a relay token for cross chain bridging and claiming with oracles working under the hood. Its also going to utilize a cross chain buying/selling bot/algo.

Would it also be possible that graviton system makes a cross chain swap product?
eg usdc on ftm → swap+bridge → gton on eth (or even bridge then swap ?)

or does it even need immediate bridging ? May be faster with: usdc deposited into swap contract on ftm → graviton bots arbitrage cross chain → gton made available on eth

(bots/treasury can bridge whatever needs be under the hood later , swap amount limited by liquidity and bridging constraints)

If we get mega liquidity everywhere maybe down the line graviton makes a cross chain dex aggregator too? lol

Dont know much about blockchain/oracle programming so dont know how much of it is feasible, but i was wondering about it and thought id share


already in beta test :slight_smile: