Using Ergo's Oracles Instead of Chainlink for Transaction Auditing

As outlined in this blog post, Graviton plans to use Chainlink Oracles for transaction auditing.

Graviton recently announced it’s partnership with Ergo, and Ergo confirmed. Their mutual goal is to foster multi-chain expansion of both ecosystems.

Ergo has it’s own oracle solution that can operate more efficiently, and with more trust than Chanlink oracles. It has integration with Gravity that was forked from Graviton’s and as far as I know it’s SuSy integration is functional.

Alex Chepurnoy, Ergo’s founder and one of it’s core developers, was a co-founder of the project that ended up becoming Chainlink. Ergo’s Oracle Pools solutions is basically Chainlink 2.0.

I read somewhere that Graviton has someone dedicated to researching how it can be integrated with Ergo and Cardano; using Ergo’s oracles are a great first step to fostering multi-chain expansion.

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Chainlink is a indutsry standart atm, we will start with most popular solution and frameworks which are available already on all chains (EVMs) and if it’s nedded we’ll move to another approaches such as Ergo Oracles as u mentioned.