ToTem NFT achievement framework

Hallo Everyone,

If internet 1995, We can not discuss about this Idea. But, we are blockchain, we are Gton Defi, like as bank, chique…etc

On the, i think we should to present the “NFT Totem Achievement” instead bored icon.

When i received reward $$$, it is really so so. But i am feeling great when receiving the achievement. That mean i have the “proof of work” for our project.

Pls kindly consider my idea in the further.



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So, you’re talking about achievements in the form of an NFT as opposed to solely the badges on the website? I love that idea!

Yep. In the further, i think we can sign this issues

not sure if that makes sense, you could send a non eb an eb nft then

Hi Chainlife,

Why Coingecko cooperate with artiest to create spotlight NFT? as flollowed, ex i had tried to gain 1 NFT on coingecko. What is relatively between physical asset and NFT or Defi/Fintech/Tokenomics?

I think not only Smart Contract will be the task on Defi enviroment, another one’s like as Ricardian SM will be a part of it in other to improving the right of asset to embed inside NFT.
OR, Uniswap V3, LP by NFT asset? why not?

How do you think the treasury PATHWAY will be hold “physical gold” or “real estate”!

BTW, NFT skins is on the way come to reality life - virtual view via AR, Smartphone.

GTON is as the “rainbow gateway” among H2M2C2P.

“H2M2C2P: Human 2 Machine, 2 Crypto, 2 Physical Asset.”


Achievements as NFTs might be a good idea.

I am against the Treasury holding gold. Gold ounce was 1800$ in 2011 and about 1800$ now. It is another highly manipulated market. Banks and Hedge Funds don’t have to hold physical gold for contracts. Paper gold is 200 times more than physical gold around the world.

It is changing now with Basel 3 agreement but I am still not satisfied.

Real estate is another expertise which I don’t know much about. But it has long term slow growth and crypto changes very fast.

Hi AncientTrader,

About Gold is as example of Physical Asset, only example. Might we have another is real estate…etc

The kind of NFT may to open the “data coin” run on-chain. It is the mega NFT = Data coin. (1 coin will be storage the storage data)

One coin will be have Seri number (SN) + authentic number (AN), So the owner will be change owning after change AN. We can build the protocol of (proof of authentic) to verify it.


Hi Paolob07.

I see the idea behind gold (as an example) that we may back the project with a real world asset. I appreciate the idea :+1:. I just wanted to say gold isn’t the one for us.

NFTs as achievements could be considered but I don’t think that NFTs can be used for Graviton pools. Since they are non fungible they can’t be sold as pieces and can’t be transferred to another chain.

Cross-NFT chain will be caming soon. IMO

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