Tokens in the attention economy

Tokens in the attention economy - Cobie - definitely, he is an intellectual guy, his point is very useful for our reference to push marketing campaign for Graviton Capital project in the future.

*Another related article - On the meme of market caps & unlocks - Cobie

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Do you have any link to what you are referring to?

Tokens in the attention economy - Cobie - read here bro !!! Click on it

Following this illustration, our GC is in the NICHE zone … we need to get more attention that is described as the main scarcity resource by Cobie in order to move to the WINNER zone => The question is what can we do to make growth hacking the attention of the crypto users community? If you come up with an idea for helpful or sth like that, please share and discuss

  • Another same thesis about how to grow a protocol

baseplate thesis — 0xSami <<= click on for detailed reading

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SOME INTERESTING IDEAS that was quoted from the “Baseplate Thesis” article:

  • "To summarize, Sushi operates within a closed-loop system where the path to market expansion is dictated by elected officials within the team that should in theory have Sushi’s best interest at mind - although that may not be the case in practice.

Curve gets the competitive edge here as its supply expansion is not dictated by those with Curves best interest in mind. This somehow ended up proving to make their model work - instead of focusing on everyone coming through the Curve model for trades and liquidity, the reliance on external actors (eg. Yearn, Convex) to dictate where emissions are pointed allowed Curve to evolve from simply a normal money-lego. This is the baseplate thesis."

  • "another open-loop system. Curve has no goal other than to operate a decentralized exchange and has a monetary policy that others (DeFi) fight over to satisfy their own self interests. This in turn keeps the Curve economy (liquidity) afloat. The expansion path is an undictated monetary policy which emits $CRV to essentially those who emit the most energy towards it (Yearn/Convex) - similar to that of a miner fighting over Ethereum emissions.

When one can achieve this ability to not only integrate you into their economy, but make their whole application revolve around you the way Curve has, you have graduated from an application to a protocol."

  • “Again, ignoring price appreciation and simply looking at influence, Curve evolved from keeping its network ownership in a closed-loop into an open-loop which indirectly made it the baseplate for legos to build on top of. It created value - it did not fight to capture it.”

  • “Unfortunately, this is a story we are all too familiar with, others trying to outdo each other eventually driving themselves and profits to the ground due to mass-dilution. In the case of DeFi, this is something that applications constantly have to deal with. However, in the case of the protocol living beneath it, they only stand to benefit, case in point, the stablecoin market and Curve. The playbook is relatively simple, instead of fighting with other DEXes for liquidity, offer another competitive and niche market (stablecoins) the ability to get the “Cournot edge” on the market by acquiring your token, this is what made Curve the baseplate, not the lego. Looking at DeFi for 2022, my thesis is simply to do what Curve did and create value for others to fight over, not fight to capture it.”

I like the diagram you showed. There are three ways of reaching popularity:

1 - hypeOnly: Up, Pumps, FOMOs and etc (marines)
2 - product users (stable, staking, ogswap traders, syntetix traders, candy farmers)
3 - mission believers (big stakers, forum/governance participants, advocates, advisors and contributors)

My vision is that we have to be: 25 | 50 | 25 in that categories.


the biggest jokes I see with curve is:

  • convex is 100% curve parasite: has 2x more MCap than $CRV
  • curve use case is 99% farming and 1% trading (based on liquidity utilization rates)

But Curve is indeed a good example of how to create an ecosystem and be at its base. Though this all comes down to utility - they build around a real need in stable swaps, and happened to also add a good incentives component - we should do the same.

Regarding the attention article - I’m not sure what to get out of that except for the fact that hype is needed & Elon’s tweets help :slight_smile:


I have just come up with some questions "how can we integrate a socialfi element into a defi protocol? how can we build a place that can motivate the big KOLs of industry involved in or play their role in our protocol? If we consider their role is a vital factor for DAO/protocol’s development, as a growth hack marketing, and design a make-sense way for them to join I think GTONCaptital can gain the spotlight. Once we can deploy such an attractive process that would push the GTONCapital project to move to the Winners zone due to the Popular factor we got.

Let’s see the leak list about the fee paid for big KOLs:

Well, first of all, i don’t think that the diagram is really good. What does it actually say? If you break it down, it is rather trivial!

Looking at @bjames three points above, i think we have to have in mind that we can also mix those points and maybe that is the path to success. What do i mean by this: yes, it is great to have a huge amount of product users, yet, it is even better if OGs from other platforms become product users AND mission believers! Another example would be: assuming we are able to get enough new product users on board and those pump the price, isn’t that what we call organic?

Question is if GTON has enough contacts in the community to land this.