Q1 roadmap scope upd

we have 3+ weeks for the accomplishing the 22 Q1 roadmap:
what we have done already:

  1. staking (mainnet)
  2. pathway v1 (mainnet)
  3. DONs (mainnet)
  4. bonding (testnet)
  5. ogs dex (testnet)

what we have to accomplish according to Q1-roadmap:


  • candy - we worked on it already and it’s not difficult to build and check PMF (single sided liquidity mining/staking isn’t something hard to show usecase and attract users).

  • gcmoney - thanks to Mark, it’s almost already built since it’s a combination of pathway (1$ peg) and bonding protocols:

  • realistically to the end of Q1 we’ll manage to deploy everything in the testnet except solvex,
    so my idea is to finish POAP instead of solvex in q1

POAPs are important for growth stage in Q2 as smart incentives for active contributors, influencers, advisors and dao active members

also we’ll come up with extra app for angels (and any other DAOs to qualify/disqualify tokenholders on certain criteria and communicate with them without revealing their identity): GCM - gc messenger (mvp is ready now and can be used in a first week of Q2 or even before).

*also we can fix all rewards and tokenomics in GTONs in the first place and do IDOs ($candy, $ogs) later on the purpose of limited GTON supply itself in order to keep solid APR for newcomers into such protocols. Just wanna make it properly without rush in Q2/Q3 or even later (as governance will decide).

*also I think that bonding must be available only for whitelisted users (like ebs, dao voting participants, degenscore, lobsternfts, gearboxwhitelist and etc): why? we’re selling gton with discount and it has limited supply so we have to target only valuable/impactful audience here. Anybody else will able to buy via AMM (pathway will keep enough liquidity and affordable slippage for even millions$ of purchases).

gonna write it up into gov proposal for sGTON holders (first time voting for this token)

Thanks :fleur_de_lis:

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Hey Alex, appreciating the update. Super informative and concise.

Excited about the POAP implementation.


Thanks for update!

What is OGS protocol for? How it’s different with Uniswap or Sushiswap protocols? I heard that those will be customizable pools for another DAOs. Is that true? If so, how exactly it works?


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ogs pools must be customized for the purpose of DAOs

1 . Trading (swap) fees customization (univ3 has always 0.3%)
2 . Funds distribution from the fees (default case is for LP holders), we gonna use that for rebates or buyback gov tokens from the market or just send them to the treasury as revenue.
3 . PMM (proactive market maker) features like spread between buy/sell price to prevent frontrun and implement the instant peg for pathway, gcmoney and any other cases

More about PMM:

so most of features are about customization of classical Univ2 for the DAO MM purposes
in our case those are pathway and gcmoney protocols


the shortlist of POAP NFTs utilities are:

1 - staking boost (like quaterly 2x boost or even 4x boost)
2 - bonding whitelisting (if the proposal for bonding-WL will be accepted only POAP NFT holders will able to mint bonds)
3 - private chat groups and p2p messaging in GCM (gc encrypted messender between qualified tokenholders)

I remember we have already discussed POAPs:

finally we are close to the implementation of it and using for marketing purposes!

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I saw @Jim already suggested something like this:

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StrangeDoctor suggested system like credit scoring here. Will it be useful for whitelisting and pathway?