Proposal on Pathway parameters: Settings v1.x

The references model

1. Reference project

  • OlympusDAO ($OHM)

2. Why?

  • DeFi 2.0 with a similar POL model
  • Most (> 95%) liquidity on DEXes (Sushi)

3. Research data:

4. Up-to-date metrics:

  • 11 Dec
  • Liquidity: $11mln 2% Market Depth → $0.55 bln AMM TVL on Sushi (DAI, ETH, WETH pools)
  • MCap: $3bln
  • Vol: $90mln

5. Discussion:

Let’s assume that our time target is 20 epochs. Epochs are weeks or 10 days periods. No strict planning is possible due to market volatility, so we should build upon some rough timing assumptions. These parameters are being established for 180± days, or half a year. The overall time period of Pathway activity is irrelevant because in reality the achievement of the target can take a longer or shorter period depending on the market, community, and team performance.

Assuming that we have 25% of GTON in circulation during Pathway (PW) operation, which includes EB, current liquidity, and Ops & SPI allocations aimed to maintain PW and various supportive features (bonding, Candy and IDOs).

Based on the analysis of the $OHM case, we’re aiming to reach $3bln MCap, thus the max target for PWPeg (Pathway Peg Price - MaxPWPeg) is $600 per $GTON.

Other parameters are following a similar logic, therefore:

  • MaxPWPeg = $600
  • MaxLiq = $550mln

Pathway v1.x (Liquidity only version of Pathway)


where L is current GTONs liquidity

Voting for Pathway v1.x

1. :link:Snapshot(Ethereum)

2. :link:Snapshot(Fantom)