POAP NFTs for active DAO members

:fleur_de_lis: idea is simple: we have to reward active dao members, contributors and influencers, but airdrops doesn’t work properly (people are selling anyway).

same issue for attracting new communities. It’s ok to do tokenswaps with another daos (treasury to treasury), but classical aidrops with claims don’t work.

so, how to create a proper incentives without damaging token economy.

here we have:

POAPs - proof of achievement/attendance points. Those are NFTs which are not only sign (picture) of recognition/achievement, this is also can be use within the dApps as “booster”.

Case-1: Jim and Hawky helped with pathway research paper. We’ll issue special honored NFTs (poaps) which giving them +15% boost for staking rewards.

Same for active tg/discord/forum members (hey TelegramUser). We can airdrop such POAP NFTs and implement utility in a form of whitelistings/apr boost/farming reward boost or profit disctribution preferences.

Same approach can be done for community expansion:

imagine we have a DAO (like LobsterDAO) so instead of GTON drop we can suggest them POAP NFT drop with staking/farming boost.

This is possible to be implemented in the end of Q1, but the bigger priority for such POAPs will be in Q2 (a quarter for growth).

:fleur_de_lis: WDYT?

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I personally think NFTs that furthermore function as an access badge are a good idea.

  1. They build on the hype of NFTs and allow for cool art unique art.
  2. They ensure the value of the NFT not only through its scarcity, the art itself, but also through its functionality.
  3. It is a secure way of implementing custom access to parts of the GTON ecosystem in a as it utilizes blockchain technology.

I’m all for it.

The only downside of using NFTs for special role is that they cannot be revoked. Otherwise, it might be possible to create unique NFTs every X epochs as roles need to be re-assigned or revoked.

NFTs can as such be used for unlocked custom vaults/higher rewards. THey might possibly be integrated in web design to allow for custom website elements. They can basically be allowed to allow the use of any smart-contract interaction.

POAPs are also cool because they can be similar to forum batches to show the rate of involvement of certain users. Having this automatically be used as adornments on GTON forums would be pretty cool.

It should always be considered that NFTs can be sold, so I imagine certain functionalities should not be regulated through NFTs on the GTON ecosystem.


NFTs can’t be revoked and probably should stay with the owner indefinitely, but their effects can be limited in time and this is, probably, a good idea, especially for a limited supply token. So we can add checks for the validity of reward in places where it matters - so, say, we provide higher APR but only for a month/3 months and then even if you’ve got the POAP - you still get the default conditions everyone else has

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I just found dao discussions regarding this topic:


Gov Staking Boost:

I think we have to consider POAP topic with such context as well.

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