Pathway staking concept

According to the latest [approved] proposal the community target for bonding activation is 5$. Some gtoners asked in discord and telegram how community is able to support this goal. It seems to be obvious that actions like advocating GTON Tech, Vision and Narratives for the newcomers and also assistance with staking, bridging and other products is very helpful in general and it makes easier to reach such goals. But what else we are able to offer for those who is willing to support this pathway target to come true in a short time?

Here I’m suggesting a special form of participation for those who is holding GTON and willing to liquidate some of it above the target prices.

How pathway liquidity config looks like now:

Here u can see 3 ranges on univ3. Range-1: 0-2$ (above floor), Range-2: 0-3.5 and Range-3: 0-16$ (ATH). Those ranges are “symmetric” concentrated AMM liquidity which allows trading within the ranges. The issue here is that the buy-slippage is too hight for those who gonna entry into GTON with solid capital (100k$ and above).

To reduce that slippage and generate net positive revenue into the treasury we have to add so called single-sided liquidity (“ask”-side) on PMM.

You can see that public [5$ init price USTD-pool] here:

U can see on the picture the slippage with existing GTON liquidity.
(With 272k$ purchases the price is moving to 12$.)

Here we have pathway-staking concept:

Anyone is able to provide single-sided liquidity in this pool and receive PMM-LP tokens. Let’s call them pw5lp. Since the position in this LP is represented by GTON we’re able to reward such positions in the same way as it is for GTON staking.


Those who is willing to liquidate GTONs are able to do that without opportunity lost with staking rewards and it’s basically “staked” limit order for them. Locking such GTONs in the pw5lp is helping us to reach pathway targets without risk of selling and this is a key feature about synchroning the community efforts aiming to reach 5$ and other targets later.

Let’s discuss this!

P.S.: later I’ll explain our approach to CEX market making and listings.

I saw many discussions about pathway staking concept in tg and disc. Is that possible to cross post mesgs here? I mean bot.

Can I add liquidity now? Without staking?

I put it here, just to keep discussions in the same place.

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In point of fact user is able to sell his position with profit [withdraw LP where will be GTON + USDC], but also with impermanent loss. Do you think it is worthless if LPs will not be locked? Lock for 2 weeks, 3 weeks and so on.