Multiple token swapping in one transaction?

Is there an amm or exchange service that allows swapping of multiple tokens both ways? Eg i have eth, usdc & usdt and i want to swap all of them into btc and dai (half btc and half dai for eg or maybe also can set different weightage for output/input too)

Dont know if above is possible or if there are smart contract hindrances. Was on eth and had to spend some money for aggregating funds from various tokens . A service like above to bundle all required token swaps in one tx would be great for user experience and save on gas costs.

Can GTON acting as relay token allow building of above if we have enough liquidity in various token pairs ? Imagine such a service providing cross chain swapping of multiple tokens.

I think just making an aggregator on top shouldn’t be too hard, but I don’t think that would reduce trading fees. The backend would do the same as you did manually, just automated. But again I don’t think you would save on gas. (I’m no developer though, and maybe there would be a better solution)

Yeah i asked around and others also had the same opinion that gas cost saving wont be that effective. (Shell V2/ Ocean discord said they would have this function but not front end)

But still the UX would be much better and it would be a great product to have esp if it can be integrated for multichain swaps in the future. May not be too much extra utility but itl be shiny and new , people love that lol

From my experience, the costs simply sum. I’ve approved transactions which included multiple individual tx and the cost was simply a sum of these individually.

If anything, if one doesn’t know what is behind a given transaction and the gas fees are high, it can be very surprising and off-putting to use a specific service simply because of the stacked costs.