Multichain Alternative/Clones

I have been thinking of ways how to make GTON and Swop both more successful. Right now Swop’s value seems to come from governance, and being able to choose pool weight. However, with the new rule that low-volume pools give up their weight on, and the fact that yield farmers just convert/move around their funds to take advantage of the pools and eventually dilute them, Swop is losing some value.

But I have thought about what has made binance DEXs so successful. Unfortunately, a lot of that is rugpulls/justnotveryhonest cones of Pancake Swap.

But what if Swop had alternatives, like Bakeryswap, which is differnet, but has a legit team behind it? Furthermoe, what if there were all clones of on different chains that had integrated Susy bridge/gton creating liquidity?

Not that I want rugpullers to move to the Waves blockchain or anything. But there is no reason why there couldn’t be a DEX for Solana, BSC, Polygon, Fantom that are all integrated and all use GTON and Swop.

I think there is a lot to plan about for this idea, and I assume the devs have had something in mind for awhile now like this. But if we can really make good decisions now, it could pay off really well for the GTON ecosystem of the future.

Tell your friends! But what do you think is important to keep in mind when talking about cross/multichain DEXes?

That seems like the most seamless and practical way to leverage the abilities of cross chain projects. I can only imagine how complex that would be, but I imagine that’s the ultimate.

this is kinda starting point for our own crosschain DEX

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