⚜️𝔾ℂ Launch Proposal

On December 14, the :fleur_de_lis:GTON Capital (𝔾ℂ) core development team published a roadmap that outlines an all-encompassing strategy for 2022. In order to realign the operational activities to the re-envisioned and transformed narratives of :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ in the new year, the governance consisting of current GTON holders should assemble to vote for either accepting or rejecting the long-term vision of the roadmap and its propositions which present a new operational approach together with restructuring of the :classical_building:treasury and allocations. As stated in the roadmap, the core team remains responsible for the implementation of the included propositions that concern marketing, community management, support and market-making operations, as well as the activities aimed at raising capital into the :classical_building:treasury. The results of the vote for this proposal will signify agreement or disagreement with the long-term vision that will be pursued in 2022.

The 2022 Roadmap

The new strategic roadmap is published here.
Below is the summary with several additional propositions that pertain to the launch strategy of the Roadmap proposal.

The three primary focus points of :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ are:

  1. Developing key products and protocols of the ecosystem;
  2. Growing the community and users of the products;
  3. Spreading awareness about 𝔾ℂ for each specific platform that we launch on, and in DeFi, NFT and Crypto markets in general.

GTON CAPITAL’s overall vision is to become a sustainable DeFi project with :dna:Pathway and :classical_building:DAO governance at its core, and DeFi products on top: DEXes, Farming, NFTs. In doing so, our plan in Q1 is to start with a single blockchain and scale onto other networks in Q2-Q3, i.e. expanding ecosystem products to other EVM and non-EVM platforms to become blockchain-agnostic

As one of the potential directions to take in Q3 2022, we propose the development of an independent blockchain network (𝔾ℂNet) and the launch of ecosystem products on top of it.

The final stage is the activity of stimulating the development of new applications and services on 𝔾ℂNet, both through :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ and :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:SUSY, and by third-party developers and teams.

In implementing the proposed strategy, the core team retains the right to initiate or decline governance proposals to prevent spam and align proposals with the accepted roadmap and operations. In addition, the core team is vested with the responsibility to establish and work with any legal entities which are acting in the interests of :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ, and to participate in and organize offline activities: events, conferences and ambassador programs.

Allocations for :dna:Pathway, :knot:Bonding and :gear:Ops

All parameters for which the voting has already passed (:dna:Pathway v1.x, :knot:Bonding & :coin:Staking) will be implemented in accordance with the roadmap and the final voting results.

For :knot:bonding and staking, the :coin:Staking & Farming Allocation (33%) will be utilized. :gear:Ops (14%) allocation is aimed at market making, engagement of community, developers, integrations and collaboration partners. In addition, the funds from :coin:Staking & Farming and :gear:Ops Allocations will be directed to market making in :candy:Candy, :bow_and_arrow:OGS and other AMM pools, including the pools for governance tokens of Candy, OGS, and other ecosystem projects. In the event that it is necessary to make important strategic decisions, these conditions and parameters can be changed through governance.

:fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ New :classical_building:Treasury Structure

The Ecosystem Reserve Fund (ERF) consists primarily of stablecoins and is aimed at funding design, research and development, promotion and development of :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ. We do not know if a long bear market sentiment will happen soon, but in order to be able to keep implementing the roadmap, testing hypotheses and creating products in the 𝔾ℂ ecosystem, a reserve fund is needed that can be replenished from the future proceeds of the protocol. In order to subsequently manage the capital within this fund, a foundation will be created following the implementation of the 2022 Roadmap. Before creating the foundation, the funds will be managed by members of the core team under the supervision of advisers and :angel:angels via multi-signatures. A part of this funds will be directed to replenishing the other funds (ELF/EIF) and operational accounts for the launch of
:knot:bonding, as well as for partnerships, listings and market-making operations (:dna:Pathway, CEX and DEX MM).

The Ecosystem Liquidity Fund (ELF) is a fund filled through :knot:bonding, i.e. the main fund that supports :dna:Pathway. It also stores GTON-LP tokens. The fund is mostly represented by native tokens (LP with ETH, FTM, BSC, SOL, AVAX, MATIC, etc.) or by stablecoins LPs (depending on market trends).

The Ecosystem Insurance Fund (EIF) is a fund also replenished from assets received via
:knot:bonding. The fund is needed to maintain PWFloorPeg and to compensate for impermanent loss in :candy:Candy if there is a situation of a shortage of assets while redeeming assets deposited in Candy pools. This fund predominantly consists of stablecoins.

In order to launch :dna:Pathway & :coin:Staking, a separate campaign will be organized to attract new audiences to :knot:bonding and thereby fill the relevant ELF & EIF with funds used for Pathway.

The distribution of funds received from :knot:bonding and SPI (strategic partners and investors) transactions is proposed as follows:

  • 75% to ELF
  • 10% to EIF
  • 15% to ERF

At the end of Q1 2022, after the launch of 𝔾ℂEco products and core protocol functionality for these funds, monthly reports will be generated and published, available for analysis by GTON holders.

A new role: :angel:Angels

Since the launch of GTON, the team has been in close contact to our community and to certain members in particular, who held an informal advisory role supporting GTON the last few months. This role was a natural development due to the exposure and involvement these community members have in GTON. The team realized that leveraging this potential could enable the expanse of our core team’s competencies and help the project’s long term growth.

A special role called :angel:Angels will be established: these are GTON holders

  • with more than $100k value of GTON (at the moment of qualification based on transaction proofs),

  • that can add non-financial value to the :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ ecosystem (value add will be individually discussed upon qualification process)

Trusted GTON holders that are already qualified and engaged in an informal way, will be approached by the core team. GTON holders, that are not yet engaged but feel qualified for an active :angel:Angel role, will be given the chance to apply to the Angel program. The qualification process will begin at the end of Q1 2022.

:angel:Angels will be chosen and qualified by the core team and their own discretion, based on above mentioned criteria. The qualification of the Angels is reassessed every quarter and adjusted if necessary. The identities of the :angel:Angels remain undisclosed unless an Angel individually decides to publicly disclose their involvement.

Angels can, in accordance to their respective competencies, be involved as advisors in early phases along all areas of :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ, e.g. from the evaluation of new partnerships, products and strategies to R&D and technical considerations - if the core team sees any benefit in involving certain​:angel: Angels in these areas.

:angel:Angels can, in accordance to their respective competencies, be included as advisors in conversations with SPIs, CEXes, Design/Development/PR/Legal agencies and other counterparties essential for project development and growth - if the core team sees any benefit in adding certain :angel:Angels to these conversations.

The establishment of the angel role is necessary so that qualified GTON holders can be officially enabled to support the team along all :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ areas and developments. In order to fulfill their role, they can be given access to relevant information that may be subject to certain public restrictions: early internal evaluation, communication with SPIs and terms and conditions (assignments, mutual requirements, discounts and entitlements), agreements with CEXs, new key contributors, new advisors / Influencers and PR / Design / Dev / HR / Legal and other categories of agencies either fall under private communications or are subject to NDAs, or other legal, business or competitive restrictions and will therefore only made available to qualified :angel:angels.

We want to emphasize that this new role will neither have an impact on the overall GTON governance model nor on the transparency towards our community and should only be seen as a formalized advisory role for qualified GTON holders, which have mostly been highly engaged in an informal way throughout 2021 already.

Further roles might be added in the future according to potential new :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ requirements. Decisions on new roles are due to governance proposals and corresponding votes.

Community & :scroll:Code of Conduct

Crypto projects, but GTON as a :classical_building:DAO in particular, are dependent on active and constructive community engagement. Building a strong base of GTON governance participants and supporters is of high importance for the success of the :classical_building:DAO.

Reflecting on the last months of our community journey, we are proud to have gained a growing number of committed members that share the team’s vision and support us with valuable contributions. Nonetheless, we have also seen that constructive discussions were often disturbed by short term market movements, which have direct impact on the communities sentiment leading to ever repeating price-related negativity, FUD or wrong and baseless assumptions. Even though these kinds of reactions are to be seen quite often within crypto communities, we strongly believe that they are highly destructive for any community building and engagement as well as the team’s focus on project development. In addition, community feedback oftentimes comes in the form of critics without deeper fundamental or technical context. As we understand how important feedback and engagement is for :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ, we want to encourage our community to always add value to their feedback, whenever potential room for improvement has been identified.

Therefore, for onboarding new members but also for the sake of positivity and productivity, a strict :scroll:Code of Conduct is being introduced to our Discord, Telegram or Twitter channels and forum:

No negativity

Feedback is always welcome, but baseless and frustration driven complaints that do not help improve the project will be subject to muting. Any kind of community feedback should come in a constructive manner, adding value through actual ideas, solutions and proposals, that in turn could help the core team improve :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ.

No objectionable content

Posts including advertisements, FUD, fake news or any illegal content are not allowed and will be removed. Authors of such content will face immediate ban.

No disrespect

Our channels are a place for positive communication. Any type of disrespectful, violent or threatful behavior towards the team or other community members will not be tolerated.

No Speculation

Any kind of market, trading and price conversations will be allowed only in the dedicated channels.

No shilling

Don’t shill tokens that have no relation to the :fleur_de_lis:𝔾ℂ ecosystem. We encourage only meaningful discussions, and in this case you can mention other projects’ tokens. Aggressive shilling and spamming with messages will be banned along with users spreading them out.

Our main communication channel will be transitioned to Discord, as it allows us to manage our growing ecosystem and community in a more suitable way with a diverse set of sub-channels. Nonetheless, and even though we want to encourage our community to join and actively participate in our Discord, the core team will continue maintaining our Telegram community and announcement channels for the time being. Feedback and bug reports can also be given in the forum, through feedback forms, our official Twitter channel or a live chat functionality on the website.

Options & Voting

  • Agree :heavy_check_mark:

  • Disagree :heavy_multiplication_x:

In case of the majority votes for the “Agree" option, the long-term vision outlined in the roadmap and its launch strategy are considered approved by the :classical_building:DAO.

In case of being rejected by a large number of holders, the team will collect feedback to prepare a different proposal that aligns to the interests of both GTON holders and the team’s vision.

In addition, all materials on the graviton.one domain are now considered “legacy”, and all new relevant information and products will become available on the new gton.capital domain after the end of the vote.

1. :link:Snapshot(Ethereum)

2. :link:Snapshot(Fantom)