Issues transferring GTON to Governance

I am wanting to stake my GTON balance, I have tried using the Metamask wallet and the Coinbase wallet as relays for the transaction and received the following errors,

Coinbase Wallet, “There was an error calculating the transaction fee, please try again to continue with your transaction.”

Metamask, " fee 44777271.511987FTM"

That gas fee is $44M USD+

Unfortunately Coinbase Wallet has no option for a verbose output but I am almost sure through googling other manifestations of the same error that it is because a gas fee higher than my wallet’s contents is being requested. Meaning most likely Coinbase Wallet & Metamask are returning the same result.

I have GTON on the FTM network, Both wallets are set to Fantom Opera and have an amount appropriate of FTM to complete what the price should be for multiple transactions of the scale dealt with here.

So the following questions apply for me,

Is staking still EB only?
↳If yes, when is staking planned on being public?
↳If no, when do you plan on fixing the Governance staking contract?
↳If no & no time soon, how can I manually arbitrate the contract to send my GTON to governance?

> For reference I was able to provide liquidity through LP-Farming of Spirit-LP GTON-fUSDT easily, so I don’t believe there are any issues on my end.

Thank you for your time. Your project has gotten me into Dapps & I am having fun with this space.

I was given a solution by a Telegram user from the Graviton channel. It follows questions 3’s constraints.

↳If no & no time soon, how can I manually arbitrate the contract to send my GTON to governance?

The solution was to tweak the Send form amount(# of GTON to send to governance) by deleting the rightmost digit(smallest unit being sent). The network fee updated & aligned with the anticipated network fees.

Unless requested for removal, this post will be left as a potential guide for others experiencing this issue.