Introducing stewards (Gov Consuls)

As we have noticed so far, most holders of GTON are not interested in following up on every day updates on the sites, resulting in low participation rates of voting.

As GTON grows, and the amount of holders increases manifold, the share of non-voters will grow.

To increase participation, it might be interesting to implement a feature similar to the one used by Gitcoin: stewards.

Stewards are active users that can be selected by other users to represent them as they share a similar goal/understanding/perspective. Naturally, there is a pool of stewards with different beliefs/goals/perspectives on the project. Through smart contracts the voting power of multiple users can thus be linked to these stewards. GTON holders that do not want to spend time on governing GTON can thereby be represented with minimal effort on the side of the GTON holder. I imagine stewards are compensated for their time investments on the project.

It is basically the idea of politicians representing you in a government.

We are on the way of “decentralized model governance” insteadly politicans. So, i think everyone should to manage their times to involve.


First of all, it’s optional. second, this type of system would result in better representation of the GTON holders as compared to without.
It’s still decentralized governance. I feel you are thrown off by the use of the word ‘politicians’.

I converted this into the Proposal. Because strategically we gonna implement something like Consuls - governance role where people can delegate their gov power and some % of staking rewards as well.

I think this will be very good addition after we’ll have many partners and SPIs who will actively manage how protocol is developing. Probably 5-6 months since now. So, lets make a proposal and keep all discussions here;


I think that this is the right way to go. The option to delegate a stake to somebody you trust will take care of your interest is a great idea. I support this.

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