Improve the naming scheme of the Gton ecosystem

Hello everybody,

like the title suggests, I want to start a discussion about an appropriate naming scheme for the Gton ecosystem. My goal is that we unify and simplify it…

It seems, like all is said and done in this regard, and while I don’t want to shake on the current names in a fundamental way - I like them, how they are - I still see a massive room for improvement.

You could say that all of this is just cosmetics; however I want to stress out that we should strive in every regard for the best solution… And it is much easier to change the following details now then later, when the Gton ecosystem has much more users and is already an established brand… Therefor, we should make these changes now - once and for all - in the right direction, before we start to relaunch everything as a working product.

Before we begin, I want to remind you of the following facts…
We have, at least for now, four products…
Every product has…
a) a token with a ticker
b) and a dApp

Here is the naming scheme that I propose…
Token: Gton (GTON)
dApp: Gton Capital

Token: SuSy (SUSY)
dApp: Susy Bridge

Token: OGS (OGS)
dApp: OG Swap

Token: Candy (CANDY)
dApp: Candy Shop

So… At this point, you will maybe say… “What’s the difference in comparison with the current naming scheme?! Are you kidding me?!”
Well, in the following graphic, I made, you will see, that the current naming scheme doesn’t follow this example and is not unified and simplyfied at all…

Here are the key takeaways…
a) I propose that the correct name for the Gton token is Gton (ticker: GTON), currently it is called Graviton (ticker: GTON) on Coinmarketcap or Gton Capital (ticker: GTON) on Coingecko and Dextools… I argue that the name Graviton should be dropped because it adds a third, but not often used name - Graviton, Gton and Gton Capital - in comparison to just two names - Gton and Gton Capital… So it makes it more complicated, than it has to be, what is against the Occam’s proposal. I also argue that the name of the token shouldn’t be Gton Capital, because these longer and more explanetory names - like susy bridge, OGSwap, etc. - should be reserved for dApps… Also I would prefer this distinction between Gton, as a token, and Gton Capital, the dApp that is investing like a VC in the marketmaking and ecosystembuilding of its own token, because Gton is something that can be used - at least indirectly - by multible dApps… If Gton is simultaniously the name for the token and for the dApp, it indicates - in my perception - a more specific and less universal usage across multiple dApps.
b) I also propose that SuSy (SUSY) should be the token - similar to the Gton (GTON) token - while it’s dApp should be explicitly called with the longer and more explanetory name - similar to Gton Capital - SuSy Bridge. It should also drop its complicated accountnames/handles like OneSusy/OneSusy1 and should follow, like all the other examples a simple rule --) accountname = name of the token, handle = name of the dApp… Therfor, accountname = SuSy, handle = SuSyBridge…
c) I propose that we shouldn’t use the word “dapp” in the naming scheme of our dApps… That is too generic… What does stand for? That could mean so many things… However, if we name it or, everybody in the crypto community, will instantly know, without ever visiting the website, what he can do with this dApp.
d) I propose, like with OGSwap, that a name like is not the right one for Candy Shop… I like the idea that we have a token, called Candy, which has different flavours - depending on, what you use for yield farming - and which can be bought in a “candy shop”… So a twitter handle like candyshop_com or candyshop_io and a website domain like or is much more fitting, than a generic name like

I guess there could be said and argued much more about all of this… However, I guess the graphic I posted above is more or less self-explanitory…

It would be great, if I can initiate a change with this proposal and reach general consensus in the community… Especially, because, like I said, I don’t want to bring new names to the table, I just want to point out that we should use the already existing names in a congruent, unified and simplified way. In the case, that there are strongly diverging opinions in the community, if we should call something this or that way, we should maybe come to a solution with a community voting.


Hi @ForumUser !

First of all, thanks for the table and thorough review of the namings. This is a great contribution! I’d like to emphasize that the branding feedback is also helpful. Code becomes a product only when it has additional components that help position, promote, onboard and engage users. So we encourage our community to suggest on not only the code or tokenomics parts.

Now, back to your suggestion.

a)You’re absolutely right, the name should be new and only one on all trackers. However, updating information on some of them takes time. We’ve already submitted our requests to the corresponding teams and are waiting for them to do the updates. Regarding proposed handles for GTON Capital in the table: we tried to make them shorter and handy and preserve the keywords in the url (GTON/GTON Capital/GC) but if the community finds it confusing, we can update them using the full form of the words.

b)SuSy’s mission and functionality lies beyond just the bridges. From this perspective, SusyOracles would fit more. Again, your suggestion on having all handles across media similar is 100% similar.

c) ,d) We intentionally got rid of the Shop and Swap parts in the naming of Candy and OGS respectively as we wanted to highlight the transformation of the vision and the switch to their concepts described in the roadmap-2022. The thing here is that we’re still thinking if even Candy and OGS themselves are the right cores for two brands. We’ll do additional research or how these ones will work in marketing and be perceived by the users. Meanwhile we’d love the community to suggest their ideas. Just a reminder here: OGSwap was originally suggested by the community so we implemented the idea with OG (Original Gangster).