Graviton's first Snapshot proposal: Fast voting cycle & first steps in liquidity management

This is Graviton’s first Snapshot-based governance vote. In the spirit of “Occam’s” strategy envisioned in the latest accepted proposal, we aim to keep the governance proposals simple and modular. Please have a look at the first proposed changes/actions to be undertaken below.

Part 1: Vote duration

In order for decision-making to take effect as fast as possible, the team of Graviton proposes to set up a fast Snapshot voting cycle of 48 hours.

Part 2: Liquidity management initial steps

The Occam’s proposal was accepted with the decision to convert 80% of the Treasury deposits into native assets and other “blue chip” tokens on a range of blockchains where GTON is present. To conduct the very first step in this process, the Graviton team proposes to start with converting 80% of the stablecoins in the Treasury into ETH on the Ethereum blockchain. Afterwards, we aim to swap and wrap that ETH further in order to set up liquidity on multiple chains with a variety of native assets and “blue chip” tokens.


  • Accept both Parts
  • Accept Part 1, Reject Part 2
  • Reject Part 1, Accept Part 2
  • Reject both Parts