Graviton Smart Contract Structure - Mega Bridge

Dear Alex,

Smart contract is the heart of DEFI. So, what is the key point that Graviton will be ensure and solution to prevent errors if the cash flow through protocol increse time by time?

EX: Axie Infinity, Chainswap

About chainswap, few week ago, they have the error on mega-bridge smart contract. So, the attack to this chain have influence on the ralatively sub-project of the Chainswap ecosystem.

Maybe, the phenomenon of consensus algorithm is the reason of conflict on the chainswap.

I am feel free to learn How-to; we are Gton anti this matter.



@alexp looking forward your respond to this issuse. I think it’s very important when we build a SM system for such a Defi project.

KLAUS SHWAB has predicted 3 disasters that will happen in the 4th industrial revolution in his book - The Fourth Industrial Revolution - including epidemic diseas (Covid - Corona virus); Terrorism (IS) and the third one is Cypher Attack. As the Cypherpunk movement is growing stronger, the possibility of security attacks is very likely to become a large-scale crisis. I just hope that Graviton will be able to have the best security whether or not such a security crisis occurs in the near future.

Dear Alex, @alexp

Here is an example of SM bridge Merkle. Seem they also mint own Stablecoin based on Treasury. So, I think we can do it base on Gton treasury. It will be reduce the rate %%% among all stablecoin influence on price.


There will be an important update regarding Mega Bridge. Its internal part is mostly developed. Particularly - 2/3 adaptors are ready. We need to adapt the third one plus adjust UX on the Graviton website. Stay tuned.


Yeap, i see we will adjust it step by step.