Build a new dapp ["GtonFiver"]

Hi all…

Make a long story short, I would like to stimulate the creation of a new dapp…
Originally, I wanted that dapp on the Ergo plattform, but they never replied; additionally I recognized that Gton will move more and more into the creation of it’s own ecosystem… Something that will go hand in hand with what I envision. A project that will - like OGSwap and Candyshop - on one hand make use of Gton as an utility-token and that will on the other hand, in its own unique way, enrich every other project in the ecosystem - and beyond of that.

Maybe, the devolopment team already even considered something like this… However, I am not sure, if that, and that what I would love to see created, is exactly the same… Or maybe I can add to it… Or can stress, how much a dapp like this could push the Gton ecosystem in general…

So, you can compare it with Fiver… You want, that someone creates something for you, like a logo, a website, an animation, a dapp/a program, code, etc. and you are willing to pay them. So you go to “GtonFiver”, create an assignment, tell people what you want and start the contest… Now, on the other side people that are capable to fullfill these assignments go to “GtonFiver” and create your logo, website, animation, dapp/program, whatever… When the contest is over you finaly choose, what your preferred result is and your stake will automatically go to the winner.

So… We already know that from traditional websites…

However, here you should have at least three options.
First, you can create a personal contest. You are the only one who pays for the assignment and you are the only one who can choose who should win the price. This makes sense, if something should only be created for your personal use… Like you have a little backery and you need a new website for it.

Second, you can create a funding-members-only-contest… So, you create a contest, where other people can also join and fund with their money the pot for the contest winner… In return they will get voting rights and will be able to choose, who will win that contest, when it is finished. Like, you pay for the funding of the contest 500€, two people join with each 250€ and after the contest, you get 2/4 of the voting rights, the first participent gets 1/4 of the voting rights and the second participent also gets 1/4 of the voting rights… Nobody else will get voting rights… This could be helpful if you want capital from other people and still want to be assured that only people can vote, who are personally invested into it.

Third, you could create a public contest. So there is the option that everybody can put his money into the contest, but nobody has to do that, if he wants to participate in the final voting. This is very similar to what Ergo did, when they had their ergo foundation contest.

A huge advantage is that you can make all of this automatic… So, it is a massive reduction of unnecessary work… Like, when Ergo had its Ergo-Logo foundation contest… Their members submitted their logos on Twitter, Reddit, per E-Mail, etc. and the Ergo team had to finally put them all together, nummerize their logos, create a Google formular, and so on… With “GtonFiver” the community still could post their logos anywhere, but you can just tell them, that, if they want to officially submit their entry, they should put it on “GtonFiver” and that’s it. After the contest, a voting formular would appear, where the entrys get automatically arranged… And after the voting, the winner of the contest would automatically get his crypto reward.

To incentivise the financial participation from other people, during a contest, you can integrate a raffle, like ErgoRaffle does it.

Let me give you some concrete use cases…
For example, a new project needs a logo… So, they go to “GtonFiver”, create a contest and at the end they will get plenty of logos to choose from.

Or there is a dapp, that is pretty nice… However, it’s UI could look a little bit better… So someone from the community can create a contest for a new UI; this member can go back to the community and say “hey everybody, please participate and help me fund it”, now if many in the community feel the same way, they will raise enough money and will afterwards decide together, who should win the reward… And as soon as the winner is chosen, they can go back to all in the community and can say “hey everybody, we found a UI that we like; let’s vote in a fair DAO voting if we should use this new UI or the previous one”…

Or even you guys, from the development team, could make use of this and say “hey we have so much to do, so much to code, so much to work on… We create a contest; the first one who can find a secure and working solution for this and that coding problem, will get so and so much rewards”…

If there is is enough funding in place you can even stimulate the creation of a whole new dapp.

The way I would like to have this working is - of course - multichain… Everybody can create a contest and receive a reward, in a crypto that he wants to use. The way I imagine this, is for example like this… Person A creates a contest with an reward of 1 ETH, Person B wants to participate, but he doesn’t want to get ETH, he wants to get the same money value in ADA… And of course, how could it be different, here comes Gton’s relay swap utility in place… If person B wins the contest, ETH will automatically get converted into Gton, and Gton will automatically get converted into ADA… So person B will get the same money value that he would have gotten in ETH instead in ADA. This will of course improve the volume of traded Gton too, like OGSwap does it.

So even, if “GtonFiver” is at the beginning especially important for the Gton ecosystem, because it will fund new logos, new UIs, new code, new dapps, and so on, at the end it will be open for the whole crypto community… No matter, if something is only an ETH-related project, a SOL-related project or whatever - you can create a contest with any crypto you want and you can receive your winning reward with any crypto you want. This way you can make this platform accessible to all in the crypto community.

It should also be open to not-crypto-related contests, like the before mentioned logo for a little backery… However the differentiator to traditional platforms like fiver, will be of course, the use of crypto and the focus on crypto related projects.

In the spirit of other Gton ecosystem projects, you can also tokenize that dapp, for example as governance token, which will also boost your payment sum, when you won a contest… Something like that for example.

So, now let me finally explain, why I am deeply convinced that we definately need “GtonFiver”…

While Gton Capital DAO will ensure a full treasury and good government, while CandyShop will ensure deep liquidity and OGSwap will ensure high trading volumes… We need something that can fund the whole ecosystem; something that will financially help to initiate new projects and improve existing ones…

However, otherwise you would not only miss out on a huge amount of financial ressouces, but you could also miss out on a huge amount of human labor and human skills; like it is really difficult to build a whole ecosystem with a tiny little team; therfore with this direction you can outsource workloads in an intelligent and efficient way. Due to all of this, you will definately attract some highly skilled individuals of all kinds of fields.

It will also massively improve the community engagement and community building. I don’t know if you followed the Ergo foundation logo contest, but I can tell you this… People went crazy, everyday new logos got created, commented and voted on… It was real fun and it is estounishing in how much untapped potential you step in… It’s like literally the massive power of a massive crowd.

And it’s a nice way of marketing; if people can use this dapp, no matter from which ecosystem they come, they will also get curious about the Gton ecosystem in general…

Overall, I would even say, while you revealed in your Gton Capital article the first three pillars of the Gton ecosystem; it should be the fourth pillar…

So here again… Dear Gton team, can you explain, if all of this is possible… What is your opinion about this? Will you consider all of this? Will you make something out of it?

Also everybody else in the community, if you would like to leave some feedback, feel free to post your comment…

Kind regards,


Funnily enough, a post appeared in the Ergo forum on Reddit today, regardless of this thread, pointing out what a thriving ecosystem needs. I would like to highlight some particularly important passages, where a “GtonFiver” dapp could massively help…

Here is the quotation…
For an economic ecosystem to thrive, the following conditions are critical:

  • Sufficient provision of production inputs
    * Human capital
    * How much effort is the chain making to onboard talents & produce its future army of developers?
    • How easy is it for non-web3 developers to convert? (e.g. C++ & Java peeps can learn Rust, used by Solana, in a month. For Avalanche you can code in multiple languages. Few likes Solidity.)
      * Financial capital: How much financial ammunition does the chain have in pipeline?
      * Infrastructure: How much infrastructure does the chain have or is at least being planned?
  • Peer competition within industries
    • Are there signs of strong rivalry in same niches emerging within the L1?
    • Does the dev culture of the chain strike right balance btw encouraging peer knowledge sharing & respecting proprietary IP?
  • Clusters of supporting sectors
    * Are there signs of synergetic niches / industries emerging within the L1 ecosystem?
  • Quality of domestic demand
    * How does the user profile of this L1 compare to other chains?
    • Where in the world is the chain getting most adoption?
  • Role of the blockchain itself
    * What’s the chain doing to promote rivalry among its native projects & stimulate innovation?
    * What’s the chain doing to improve infrastructure & human capital supply?
    • Is the chain “subsidizing” certain projects to help them gain ST advantage, which may inadvertently undermine innovation & competition in LT?


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This is honestly a pretty awesome idea, as well as a great potential usecase for GTON.

Unfortunately I don’t use fiver or anything like that so, I can only vouch for its use cases in the same way that you have. Helping bootstrap small projects with an asset-commissioning hub.


Hey Computius, thank you for your reply, your kind words and your support :). The more people show their support, the more likely the development team will consider developing this project.

I want to add here a little bit to my first post, because I didn’t consider something.

In the original version I imagined this just like Fiver… So here again…
You want, that someone creates something for you, like a logo, a website, an animation, a dapp/a program, code, etc. and you are willing to pay them. So you go to “GtonFiver”, create an assignment, tell people what you want and start the contest… Now, on the other side people that are capable to fullfill these assignments go to “GtonFiver” and create your logo, website, animation, dapp/program, whatever… When the contest is over you finaly choose, what your preferred result is and your stake will automatically go to the winner.

I imagined it this way because I by myself can’t build anything… Maybe I can make a logo, but that’s it… So the only option I have, is, - in the already mentioned way - to iniate and financially support the development of projects… So that other people do it for me.

However, there could also be the case, where someone has the ability to build something by themself… He would just need financial funding… So he would just have to go to this site and say “Hi, I would like to build this and that, and I need so much funding for this reason”… And if he gets enough money, he can start working. For this person it wouldn’t make sense to outsource the work to other people… Again, no voting and outsourcing is needed.

So the dapp I imagine now should work in both directions… So in some sense, it should not only be like Fiver, but it should also be like Gofundme, combined in one platform.

So it is like
This project = Fiver + Gofundme and

  • payment in crypto currencies
  • focus on the crypto space
  • open to every crypto ecosystem

Dear community, maybe we can find together a fitting name for this… Words I came up with are for example…

  • Mission
  • Launcher
  • Builder
  • Maker
  • Booster

Something like blockchain projects launcher, but catchier of course.