A thread for minor improvements

Hello everybody,

first, there are some things that can be improved, but they are just little details - it would be too much to create new threads for each of these tiny proposals… So instead, I created this thread to collect them all in one place.

Second, I’am sure that the development team is already aware of most of these things… Over the last few months, they improved their game so much, that it became really diffucult to propose something new, what they not already considered ten times before… However, if there are ten remarks and nine of them don’t improve the project too much, but one is really helpful - that is overall better then zero remarks… Therfore, I guess it is overall better to share this feedback, than to hide it…

Third, everybody else, who just has some short feedback on something - few sentences - and maybe doesn’t want to create a new topic because of that, feel free to post it here - of course, just if you like to.

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Like already mentioned, in the other thread, it would be nice if you bring more structure to the naming scheme… Additionally, maybe you can create a customized index with a beautiful wallpaper and all links, to every ecosystem product - like here (@ergoplatform | Linktree) or here (Night Owl Casino | Linktree) - and add it to every social media profile… That makes it easier to switch between the ecosystem products and someone who - for example - newly discovered OG Swap can then more easily find Susy Bridge or whatever else.

You said it will be possible to have several different UIs for interacting with a dApp… I like that, if you can switch easily between these UIs… However, please adapt the CLI UI also for Linux and mobile phone.

Why are US citizens in your legal statement restricted from interacting with Gton Capital? I am not, but that is a huge market on that we would miss out… A huge disadvantage… So… Why are they restricted? And what can be done, that they are no longer restricted? If not now, can this get changed later on? If it is somehow possible, please improve that.


thanks for your proposals!
some best practices we already implemented